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To post your auction items, simply go to the Auction Categories section on the homepage and click on "post new item." You must register before posting. We require this to assure that all users are acting in good faith. This is quick & easy and only needs to be done once to enable you to bid and post items of your own. To register, click on the registration link. Fill out the fields and the program will automatically email you a password, as well as the "Handle/Alias" you chose. If you so desire, the password can be changed after receiving it by using the Change Registration link.

After posting, the program will automatically email you when the first bidder bids on your item. You will receive another email message when the auction closes, stating the winning bidder and how to contact them. The winning bidder also receives a message stating that he won and instructing him to contact you. After your auction closes, you may also want to view more info about it by clicking on the Closed Auctions link. This will give you a list of the email addresses of everyone who bid on your auction as well as other info. This is provided so that you can sell your item to the next highest bidder in case the original winner doesn't honor his commitment. This auction is open to everyone, both dealers and individuals who want to sell their gear. Post as many items as you like. You set the reserve price so there is no risk of your gear selling too cheaply. It is recommended that you post the Reserve at the lowest possible price you are willing to accept. If you have a popular item, the bids will go beyond your reserve and you'll make yourself a nice profit. Remember that you are obligated to sell your item anytime a bid meets or exceeds your reserve price. You can set the length of the auction from one to fourteen days. A photo of your item always helps a great deal. It is recommended that you advertise your auction in the appropriate newsgroups. You can direct people to your post by cutting & pasting the URL of the page where your auction can be viewed.


There is a 5.00 yearly subscription fee for posting or bidding. You may choose to pay for optional featured auctions listings. If you are a dealer, you might consider a low cost banner ad to support the service. If you have any constructive comments or problems with the auction, please send us an email.