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How to Bid in the Auction

To place a bid, simply click on the category of your choice, then click on the item of your choice. Be sure to read the description of the item carefully and email the item owner with any questions before bidding. Remember that the seller is only obligated to sell the item when the bidding equals or exceeds the reserve price. The seller can be emailed by clicking on his name in the "offered by" box. Take note of the auction's closing date, as you will not be able to bid on the auction after the closing date. The auction now has anti-snipe protection that extends the auction five minutes after any bid placed at closing. This eliminates problems with being outbid in the last 5 seconds. You can also view the number of bids and the amount of the last bid as well as the bid history. You must register before bidding. We require this to assure that all users are acting in good faith. This is quick & easy and only needs to be done once to enable you to bid and post items of your own. To register, click on the registration link. Fill out the fields, and the program will automatically email you a password, as well as the "Handle/Alias" you have chosen. If you so desire, the password can be changed after receiving it by using the "Change Registration" link. After registration, you simply fill in the forms along with your bid. When you enter your bid amount, do not use commas. For example, enter 2500.00, not 2,500.00. The auction program will automatically email you if someone places a bid higher than yours. It is recommended that you bid the full amount you are willing to pay, in order to prevent someone from bidding above you at the last minute. Don't forget to refresh your browser towards the end of the auction, or you may not notice that someone has beat your bid. Closed auctions can be viewed by clicking on "Closed auctions". For more info on closed auctions, click here . Shill bidding, or bidding on your own item, is strictly forbidden; violators will be removed from the auction. Please don't "test" the auction by placing false bids. We can trace the path back to your computer, and you and your ISP will be held accountable and reported to the law. You are legally obligated to purchase the item if you are the high bidder, so if you don't want to pay for it, don't bid.


There is a 5.00 yearly subscription fee for posting or bidding. You may choose to pay for optional featured auctions listings. If you are a dealer, you might consider a low cost banner ad to support the service. If you have any constructive comments or problems with the auction, please send us an email.
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